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QLD Climate Smart Energy Savers Program

$60 million in rebates for energy-efficient appliances!

The recently launched Climate Smart Energy Savers Program may be the perfect solution for you if you want to reduce your energy usage and household costs.

This initiative, backed by the QLD Government aims to help households make energy-efficient decisions while saving money. The program provides a variety of incentives and rewards that encourage participation.

The program offers a substantial rebate of up to $1000 to eligible households for upgrading from older appliances to models with a 4-star rating on energy efficiency.

The program also encourages further energy savings by implementing various measures. This includes improving home insulation, using energy-efficient lighting and installing solar hot water systems.

The Queensland government has allocated $60 million to the program. The Queensland Government has allocated a substantial budget of $60 million to the program. This funding provides unprecedented access for Queenslanders to a variety of energy-saving programs. The Climate Smart Energy Program allows you to save money by using less energy.

How The Smart Energy Savers Program Works

Beginning in September 2023, households that qualify in Queensland can receive rebates of $300 to $1,000 on the purchase and installation of electrical appliances and hot-water systems that are rated at least 4 stars in energy efficiency.

Eligible appliances

  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators (including fridge/freezers)
  • Air conditioners that are AS4755 compliant (have a 4-star rating or more for cooling)
  • Solar and heat pumps for hot water systems

Appliance Rebates

Table of rebates for each energy efficient appliance: from $300 to $1000 per eligible household

Reap the Benefits of Upgrading Your Appliances

Upgrade to energy efficient appliances to save money on electricity and reduce carbon emissions.

Average savings and reduction of carbon emissions for each household appliance when upgraded

Register Your Interest for QLD Household Energy Savers Program

Do you want to reduce your energy costs with Urban Energy? Registering your interest will notify you as soon as the Climate Smart Energy Savers Program opens.

Please note that expressing interest does not guarantee a rebate. The first step to securing an Energy Savers rebate is registering your interest.

Urban Energy is proud to support the Queensland Government's initiative of providing energy-efficient rebates to all QLD households.

Join us to make Queensland more green and energy efficient! Register now, don't miss out!

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