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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditoner | Installation & Cleaning | Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich & Gold Coast

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditoner

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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditoner

Mitsubishi Electric combines its over 50 years of experience with a pursuit for excellence to make some of the world's most advanced and dependable air conditioners. For everything from one of the smallest air conditioners on the market to whole home ducted systems Mitsubishi Electric have a system for you. At Urban Energy, our staff have been expertly trained to install Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. Our team have extensive knowledge of the Mitsubishi Electric range to help determine which system will be the best for you and your home.

Don't wait, contact our team today and have one of our expert HVAC installers install your new Mitsubishi Electric aircon system.

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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Range

Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete range of air conditioner systems for every home and situation. Their range includes the following types of systems:

Urban Energy will consult with you to determine the best air conditioning system for your home.

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Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electrics air conditioners offer several benefits over other brands on the market.

  • Extensive Warranty: All Mitsubishi Electrics residential air conditioners come with a 5-year warranty for parts and labour to give you peace of mind.
  • High-Grade Filtration: A number of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners come equipped with their Plasma Quad Plus Filter allowing for the system to filter particles up to 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair.
  • Quick Clean: A number of Mitsubishi air conditioners come equipped with quick clean functions that allow for the unit to be easily disassembled to be cleaned keeping it running as efficiently as possible.
  • Wifi Controls: A broad range of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems come equipped with wifi controls. This allows you to control your aircon from wherever you have internet it also allows you to control it through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 
  • Blue Fin Condenser: Mitsubishi Electric has put Bluefin condenser coils on a number of their aircon condensers to aid in protecting them from the elements ensuring the longevity of your system.
  • Project-specific Units: Mitsubishi Electric has a range of air conditioning units designed specifically for project homes, developments, high-rise buildings, and accommodation facilities prioritising ease of use and installation.

Mitsubishi Electric is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the air conditioning industry.

Local Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Installers

Mitsubishi Electric Installation

Urban Energy offers Mitsubishi installation services for the Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Gold Coast Regions. Our expert team of HVAC installer have been trained to expertly install Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners to ensure the efficiency of the system saving you in running costs. Don't wait to book one of our punctual HVAC installers today to have your new Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioner installed.

Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Cleaning

Urban Energy offers a team of expert air conditioner cleaners who will use their cutting-edge tools and expertise to ensure your aircon is clean and running efficiently. A dirty air conditioner will run less efficiently and can blow mould and other contaminants through your home. Protect your home today by contacting us to book an air conditioning clean today.

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