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Powering your business success with our Commercial Electrical Services

Urban Energy Electrical Solutions has been providing exceptional electrical services to business and commercial environments in South Brisbane, North Gold Coast, Ipswich, and the Logan area for many years. Our focus is on the intricate electrical systems that are required to ensure a safe, efficient, and optimal energy supply within the commercial setting.

Commercial electricians are trained and fully competent in the electrical systems used in office complexes, hospitals, restaurants, schools, retail stores, and other commercial applications. Commercial electricians require extensive training and experience to work with the complexities of electrical systems found in commercial and industrial settings. Their work is crucial to make sure the overall system is functioning safely, and efficiently and adhering to regulations and compliance.

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Commercial electrical installations

If your electrical project involves the complete setup of an electrical system, our electricians will be instrumental in advising the most suitable electrical solutions to suit your needs and budget, through to the installation. Alternatively, if you require the installation of an air conditioning system, our technicians can provide advice and installation on a wide variety of AC units. Other electrical work we cover in commercial situations includes electrical wiring, electrical panels, and installation of lighting fixtures, electrical switches, and outlets.

Commercial electrical repairs

It's imperative to have a prompt repair service when something goes wrong with your commercial, business, or industrial electrical system. This will ensure limited interruption to your staff, clients, and business operations. Our commercial electrician will diagnose the issue promptly, offer the most suitable repair solution, and resolve the problem with a minimum of fuss. Common repairs involve rewiring, replacing damaged or outdated electrical equipment, and addressing a range of electrical faults.

Commercial electrical maintenance

Routine maintenance for commercial electrical systems is crucial, to ensure their continued safety and functionality. It is also important to ensure that your electrical system is adequate for any changes within your business, such as employing more staff or adding to your equipment, which could potentially put pressure on your electrical system to cope with the changes. Our maintenance service involves inspecting equipment, carrying out comprehensive testing for any electrical problems, and repairing or replacing faulty components.

Commercial upgrades and refitting

It's not uncommon for commercial establishments to upgrade or refit their space with new electrical fixtures such as lighting or air conditioning to meet growing employee or business demands. In hospitality venues, it may involve kitchen appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, and range hoods. You may also need to upgrade your commercial electrical system for improved energy efficiency, to keep up to date with current safety standards, particularly where replacing old wiring is concerned. Upgrading may also involve new circuits, and switchboards or incorporating energy-saving technologies such as downlights or LED lighting

Switchboard upgrades

Your electrical system's central control unit is the switchboard, and it's vital to make sure it's current and operating effectively. Urban Energy recognise the absolute importance of maintaining a secure and dependable electrical system within a commercial environment. Our switchboard upgrades cover

  • Upgrading wiring to meet the latest safety standards
  • Installing safety switches to prevent electrical shock and electrocution
  • Replacing old, outdated switchboards with modern, safe and reliable switchboards
  • Installing surge protection to safeguard your equipment and appliances
  • Upgrading the capacity of your switchboard to accommodate power needs

Why Use Urban Energy for your commercial electrical requirements? 

When you choose Urban Energy for your commercial electrical requirements, you can rest assured we will comply with local, state, and national electrical codes and safety standards. We will strictly follow safety protocols to protect workers, the building occupants, and ourselves. You can depend on our technicians to provide prompt and efficient service with a 100% guarantee on their workmanship.


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For all your residential and commercial electrical needs in Brisbane Southside, Logan, North Gold Coast, and Ipswich contact Urban Energy Electrical Solutions today. Simply call us on 0485 814 490 or fill out our online form to book a local electrician today.

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