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Shed Wiring

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Local shed power & shed lighting installation services

Looking to install shed wiring and run power to your shed? Our expert electricians have got you covered! No matter the size of your shed, we specialise in shed wiring to provide power to all your equipment. With years of experience, we're skilled at installing shed lighting and setting up power sources for machinery. Trust us to get your Logan, Brisbane Southside, North Gold Coast or Ipswich shed running smoothly and efficiently.

Brighten up your garden shed and enhance its functionality with shed lighting installation. No more fumbling in the dark for tools or limiting your work hours to daylight - transform your shed into a 24/7 workshop with ease. By connecting power and lights to your shed, you can even turn it into a functional home office. Invest in shed lighting today and take your workspace to the next level!

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Install shed lighting & power

Enhance the functionality and usability of your shed by installing proper lighting and power outlets. Our electricians will efficiently run power to your shed and ensure the safe and reliable installation of lighting fixtures. Illuminate your workspace, improve visibility, and create a productive environment with our shed lighting solutions.

Our services include:

  • Running power to your shed

Our electricians will expertly handle all aspects of running electrical lines from your main power source to your shed. We prioritise safety and compliance, ensuring that all wiring is correctly installed, protected, and properly grounded. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your shed will be powered effectively and safely.

  • Installation of shed lighting

Illuminate your shed with the right lighting setup. Whether you need overhead lights, task lighting, or accent lighting, our electricians will assess your specific requirements and recommend suitable lighting options. We will install energy efficient fixtures, provide adequate illumination and ensure proper wiring connections for optimal functionality.

  • Ceiling fan installation

Improve airflow and comfort in your shed with the installation of ceiling fans. Our electricians will mount and wire the ceiling fans properly, ensuring efficient operation and circulation of air. Enjoy a cooler and more comfortable environment in your shed, even during hot summer days.

Shed wiring installation

We Urban Energy Electrical Solutions provide expert workmanship for shed wiring installations, whilst ensuring we deliver efficient and cost effective solutions.

When it comes to shed wiring installation, our team of qualified electricians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle shed wiring installations efficiently. We follow industry best practices and adhere to electrical codes and regulations to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical system. Trust us to complete your shed wiring project with precision and professionalism.

How much does it cost to run electricity to your shed?

The cost of running electricity to your shed depends on various factors such as:

  • Distance from your main power source to the shed
  • The complexity of the wiring required
  • Specific electrical requirements of your shed
  • Whether a switchboard upgrade is required
  • If you need single phase or 3 phase power

When it comes to running power to a shed, it is essential to consider the electrical infrastructure required to meet the demands of modern electrical equipment and appliances. Installing power to a shed often involves the need for a switchboard upgrade, especially if three-phase power is involved

At Urban Energy Electrical Solutions, we provide personalised quotes based on your unique project needs. Contact us today for a detailed estimate and let us assist you in budgeting for your shed wiring project.

Do I need single phase or 3-phase power?

When it comes to powering your workshop, household single phase power is usually sufficient. A 15 Amp single phase connection can handle a circular saw, planer, drill and welder with ease - perfect for the average home workshop where only one tool is used at a time. However, if you plan on using heavy-duty equipment like a vehicle hoist or large welder, it's best to have a professional electrician wire in 3 phase power. Keep your workspace running efficiently with the right power source.

Do I Need an Electrician to Run Power to My Shed?

Yes, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician for running power to your shed. Electrical work involves technical knowledge and compliance with safety regulations and legislation.

A professional electrician has the expertise to assess your electrical needs, design an efficient wiring system, ensure proper grounding, and provide a safe and reliable power supply to your shed. By hiring our experienced electricians, you can have confidence in the quality and safety of your shed's electrical installation.

Contact Urban Energy Electrical Solutions today to discuss your shed wiring needs and schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team. We are committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and top quality electrical solutions for your shed.

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Why choose Urban Energy for your shed wiring installation?

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Your trusted local shed wiring electrician

For your shed wiring and power needs in Brisbane Southside, Logan, North Gold Coast, and Ipswich contact Urban Energy Electrical Solutions today. 

Whether you require shed lighting, power installation, or complete shed wiring services, contact our friendly team on 0478 101 304 or complete our online enquiry form.

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