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Switchboard testing, repairs & upgrade services

Does your switchboard need an upgrade? Our team of Master Electricians are your reliable local electrical company for all your switchboard upgrade needs. 

As a leading local provider of professional electrical services, we understand the importance of a safe and efficient electrical system in your home or commercial property. If you're considering a switchboard upgrade, you've come to the right place!


What is a switchboard upgrade?

The switchboard is the heart of your electrical system, responsible for distributing power and protecting your property from electrical hazards. Over time, the demands on your electrical system may increase due to additional appliances, technology advancements or outdated wiring. A switchboard upgrade ensures that your electrical system can handle these demands safely and effectively.

At Urban Energy Electrical Solutions, we specialise in switchboard upgrades that meet the highest industry standards (AS 3000:2018). Our experienced electricians have the knowledge and expertise to assess your current electrical setup, recommend appropriate solutions, and seamlessly upgrade your switchboard to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Reasons you need to upgrade your switchboard

Improved safety

Older switchboards may not have the necessary safety features to protect against electrical hazards, such as overloading, short circuits, or faulty wiring. Upgrading to a modern switchboard with circuit breakers and safety switches can significantly enhance the safety of your electrical system and reduce the risk of electrical accidents or fires.

Increased capacity

As technology advances, the electrical demands in homes and businesses continue to grow. Upgrading your switchboard allows for increased capacity, accommodating the use of additional appliances, home automation systems, or electric vehicle charging stations. This ensures that your electrical system can handle the increased load without risking overheating or electrical failures.

Compliance with electrical standards

Building codes and electrical regulations are continually evolving to ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical installations. By upgrading your switchboard, you can ensure compliance with the latest standards, providing peace of mind and potentially avoiding penalties or issues during property inspections.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Modern switchboards often incorporate energy management features, such as smart metering or energy monitoring systems. These technologies can help you track your energy consumption, identify potential energy-saving opportunities, and make more informed decisions to reduce your energy bills and environmental impact.

Signs my switchboard needs an upgrade

  • The age of your home: if your home is older, or you are unsure as to when your switchboard was installed, get an electrician to take a look
  • Old wiring: if your wiring is black or grey, it is likely you are due for an upgrade however, if it’s white, it may mean an upgrade isn’t needed as yet
  • Flickering lights: flickering lights can be caused by a lightbulb that’s loose, or it can be a sign of loose wiring in a damaged or old switchboard
  • Short-circuiting appliances: if your appliances are constantly tripping, this can be caused by an overloaded switchboard
  • Rewireable fuses: if your switchboard has rewireable fuses instead of circuit breakers, it needs upgrading ASAP as they contain copper fuse wires and are quite a large safety hazard
  • Overcrowded wiring: if your wiring appears overcrowded in your switchboard, get a professional out to take a look sooner rather than later
  • Fuses keep blowing: if you are having regular occurrences of fuses blowing in your home, this can indicate a switchboard upgrade is needed
  • Powerpoints: if your powerpoints are discoloured or become hot to touch, this can mean an overloaded switchboard
  • Noises: if you can hear buzzing and/or sizzling noises, get an electrician out to take a look as soon as possible
  • Sparks: if you plug in an appliance and it sparks, this can be a sign that you are due for a switchboard upgrade
  • Shock: if you get a mild electric shock when plugging in appliances, a switchboard upgrade may be needed
Electrician testing a switchboard

Switchboard repairs & testing

When it comes to the functionality and safety of your electrical system, a well-maintained and properly functioning switchboard is crucial. At Urban Energy Electrical Solutions, we offer comprehensive switchboard repairs and testing services to ensure your electrical distribution board operates optimally.

Our experienced electricians specialise in diagnosing and resolving switchboard issues efficiently and effectively. Whether you're experiencing flickering lights, circuit breakers tripping frequently, or any other electrical concerns related to your switchboard, we've got you covered.

Our switchboard repair and testing services include:

Thorough inspections 

Our skilled electricians conduct thorough inspections of your switchboard, meticulously examining the connections, components, and wiring to identify any faults or potential hazards.

Diagnostic testing

Using advanced equipment and techniques, we perform diagnostic testing to pinpoint the root cause of switchboard issues. This allows us to provide accurate solutions and minimise downtime.

Repairs & component replacement

We have the expertise to handle a wide range of switchboard repairs, from fixing faulty wiring and connections to replacing damaged components. Our team ensures that all repairs are carried out to the highest standards for optimal performance and safety.

Testing & compliance

To ensure your switchboard meets industry standards and electrical regulations, we conduct thorough testing, including load testing and safety switch testing. This helps identify any areas of concern and ensures the reliability and safety of your electrical system.

At Urban Energy Electrical Solutions, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction. Our dedicated team of electricians is committed to delivering reliable switchboard repairs and testing services, using high-quality materials and following industry best practices.

Circuit breakers, RCDs & surge protectors

Circuit breakers, RCDs (Residual Current Devices), and surge protectors are essential components of a switchboard upgrade. Here's how they relate to switchboard upgrades:

Circuit breakers: Circuit breakers are devices designed to protect electrical circuits from overloading and short circuits. During a switchboard upgrade, outdated or inadequate circuit breakers may be replaced with modern, more efficient ones. Upgrading circuit breakers ensures that your electrical system can handle the increased electrical load and provides enhanced protection against electrical faults.

RCDs (Residual Current Devices): RCDs, also known as safety switches, are crucial for electrical safety. They monitor the flow of current and provide fast-acting protection by disconnecting the power supply when an imbalance or leakage is detected. During a switchboard upgrade, RCDs may be installed or upgraded to ensure compliance with safety regulations and enhance protection against electric shocks.

Surge Protectors: Surge protectors safeguard electrical equipment from voltage spikes or surges caused by lightning, power grid fluctuations, or electrical faults. They divert excessive voltage to the ground, protecting sensitive devices from damage. As part of a switchboard upgrade, surge protectors can be integrated into the system to safeguard valuable appliances, electronics, and other equipment from potentially harmful power surges.

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Your local reliable switchboard upgrade electricians

If you’re looking for professional and reliable electricians for your switchboard services in Logan, Brisbane Southside, North Gold Coast and Ipswich, you’ve found it with us!

Contact our friendly team on 0478 101 304 or complete our online enquiry form, and let our experts assess, repair and upgrade your switchboard.

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