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When was the last time you had an Electrical Safety Check?

Are your lights flickering? Have you noticed any unexpected power surges or any frayed wiring around your home? Electrical problems can lead to serious and even deadly incidents like fires so it is important to book in for regular Electrical Safety checks to make sure that your property is safe and sound. Urban Energy's team of licensed electricians can check your electrical systems and switchboards to identify any risks. 


What are Electrical Inspections and why are they important?

Think of an Electrical Inspection as a checkup for your property. It’s an important safety precaution to help protect your loved ones or business from electrical hazards. Without regular inspections, the first sign that something is wrong is usually a major electrical emergency such as a fire. By having regular inspections, Urban Energy’s team of licensed electricians will reduce the chances of electrical problems occurring, ensuring the highest quality in electrical safety. 

Serving Southeast Queensland since 2021, our licensed electricians provide comprehensive residential and commercial electrical services for peace of mind, all at affordable prices. 

What is involved in Electrical Inspections?

Every Electrical Inspection is specifically tailored to your property’s size, age, and needs. Urban Energy’s experienced team of electricians is always here to help! 

Working throughout your property with the main power switched off, our electricians look for any visible damage to your electrical system, checking and testing for potential safety hazards. Once complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive electrical inspection report, outlining the overall condition of your property, any recommended repairs to minimize hazards, and confirmation that everything meets Queensland Safety Laws. 

When should I book an Electrical Safety Check?

There is a range of circumstances in which Urban Energy Electrical Solutions recommends you book for Electrical Inspections:

  • Before purchasing a new property 
  • If you are leasing out a used commercial property 
  • You are having regular problems with your electricity, such as power outages and overloaded circuits.
  • If your property and its wiring are over 25 years old
  • If an electrical inspection has not been conducted on your home within the last 5-10 years 
  • If you have performed any DIY electrical work on your home
  • You believe your electrical systems have been damaged during a storm or other natural disaster 

What are the benefits of an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Prevent electrical emergencies: Inspections can identify potential hazards like overloaded circuits, and outdated equipment before they cause fires, shocks, or other serious problems. This saves you from the stress and cost of dealing with an electrical emergency.

Improve energy efficiency: Our qualified electricians can identify areas where your electrical system is wasting energy. Addressing these inefficiencies can help lower your electricity bills as well as reducing your environmental impact.

Keeping your system efficient: As the majority of houses in Southeast Queensland are older, it is important to proactively check your electrical system as it may be out of date. Reducing the risks associated with electronics is a great way to ensure that your system is running effectively.

Peace of mind: Knowing your electrical system is safe and up-to-code gives you peace of mind. 

Difference between Residential and Commercial Electrical Safety Check

Urban Energy Electrical Solutions conducts both Commercial and Residential Electrical Safety Inspections. Both types have the same goal: ensuring that your property is safe, secure, and has all the correct electrical systems in place to minimize dangerous risk factors.  

Home electrical inspections focus on lower voltage systems like outlets, light fixtures, and everyday appliances such as cooktops, switchboards, and smoke alarms. Urban Energy Electrical Solutions also specializes in air conditioning installation and outdoor shed wiring.

A commercial electrical inspection is a bit different. The electrical systems in properties used as shops and offices need to adhere to stricter regulations and usually have higher voltage systems. To ensure electrical safety, all electrical items such as switchboards and plug sockets require testing and tagging

Pre-purchase electrical inspection 

A pre-purchase Electrical Safety Inspection is a vital step in ensuring the safety of your new home. Whether you are buying a brand-new build or an old home, our licensed and experienced electricians are ready to help. 

If your home is older, chances are your switchboard will need upgrading. Older model switchboards were not built with all our modern technology in mind.

An Electrical Inspection is an essential step in keeping your property or business safe. Our electricians are fully licensed, fully insured and have a 100% workmanship guarantee so you know you are in safe hands. To speak to one of our licensed electricians, simply call us on 0485 814 490 or fill out our online form.

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