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Does Your Electrical Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

Then you need our Urban Energy electricians! As your professional electrician Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Gold Coast, we specialise in safety switch installation, repairs and testing.

Safety switches are designed to protect you from the risk of electric shock by automatically switching off power in the event of an electrical fault. Our safety switch electricians are experienced professionals who can safely install safety switches and provide regular safety switch tripping maintenance.

We have a team of experienced safety switch electricians on hand who are committed to ensuring your safety. With our comprehensive servicing and maintenance programs, you can be sure that your safety switch is working correctly throughout the year.

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What Are Electrical Safety Switches?

Safety switches are a vital component within the electrical safety system of any home or business. They are designed to detect any electrical fault, such as a short circuit or an overload of a faulty appliance or circuit, and in turn they will turn off the power supply and stop any potential electrocution hazard.

The safety switches, which are commonly found on the mains end of an electrical circuit, are absolutely necessary in order to reduce the risk of being electrocuted. It is essential that safety switches are correctly installed and well maintained to ensure that they are always efficient and will react appropriately in case of an electrical fault.

Are Safety Switches Compulsory in Queensland?

Yes! To ensure safety in every household, the Queensland Government has made safety switches a legal requirement. The regulation is part of the Australian Standard 3000:2018 and requires that all households in QLD have at least one safety switch installed.

In addition to this, it is also recommended that safety switches are installed on all electrical circuits in the home for optimal safety. This will help to protect your family from the potential dangers of electricity, such as electric shocks. There is no denying the importance of safety switches and it is a legal requirement to have safety switches installed in your home or place of work.

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What Triggers A Safety Switch?

Safety switches are designed to protect your home against electrical fires and it is important to identify what triggers them so that you can prevent an electrical surge or electrical fire in your home.

A safety switch tripping is actually a good sign as it is doing its job in safeguarding your home. If your safety switches keep tripping, it is likely that an electrical appliance is causing the safety switches to trip. To identify what is triggering the safety switches, unplug every appliance, lights, and anything else that is electrically powered. Then, plug it all in one by one and the one that causes your safety switch to trip is the problem.

Additionally, an outdoor power point can become damaged over time and cause a faulty safety switch to trip, as can lightning storms and extremely heavy rainfall. If your safety switches continue to trip, call our qualified Master Electricians to book an electrical inspection of your safety switches.

What Do You Do When a Switch Keeps Tripping?

If your safety switch keeps tripping, it could be due to a number of reasons from a short circuit or overload. It's best to reset the safety switch by flicking it back to the ON position. More often than not, this should reset the safety switch.

However, if the switch keeps tripping, it's time to get one of our licenced electrician to assess the problem. This is to ensure the safety and integrity of your electrical system and home.

What’s The Difference Between a RCD and a Safety Switch?

A Residual Current Device (RCD), also known as a safety switch, offers the same protection and functions in a similar way. The terms safety switch and RCD can be used interchangeably for these protective devices.

What’s The Difference Between a Safety Switch and a Circuit Breaker?

Due to their similar looks, the difference between safety switches and breakers is often a source of confusion. Safety switches are designed to protect you and your family from harm, while circuit breakers shield your electrical system against overloads. Circuit breakers trip if an overload occurs which protects wiring and appliances.

If you touch a live wire, but do not overload it, you ground the circuit with your body. This is a situation that can be fatal, and is not protected by circuit breakers. But, a safety switch will protect you from this.

How Often Do I Need To Get My Safety Switches Tested?

It is essential to test your safety switches to ensure they are in full working order for when they are needed. Test intervals can vary depending on the age of the switch, wear and tear, or new electrical work and the addition of extra electrical appliances.

In an ideal world, safety switches should be tested every 6 months. To ensure complete safety, you should have a full electrical safety inspection performed by a professional electrician who can test safety switches and all your circuits and electrical system. This is a critical inspection when buying a new home or if you have just completed a renovation.

Urban Energy's electricians can accurately assess any outstanding electrical issues and recommend any wiring or switchboard upgrades and repairs that are required. We are always happy to offer advice to ensure your property and loved ones are safe.

Why Choose Urban Energy Electricians for Safety Switches?

Urban Energy Electrical Solutions are a family run business providing electrical services for QLD and safety is our first priority. We never compromise when it comes to the safety of our customers and your homes. Whether you're based in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich or the Gold Coast, we should always be your number 1 electricians to call as we are:

  • Fully Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • Honest & Reliable
  • 100% Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Master Electricians Member
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Local Safety Switch Installation & Safety Switch Testing Electrician

For safety switch installations, electrical circuit maintenance and testing safety switches appointments, or if you would like more information on safety switches, contact our friendly team on 0485 814 490 or complete our online enquiry form.

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