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No need to stay in the Dark

It's hard to picture a world without lights, and fortunately, in this day and age, we don't have to live in the dark. Lighting is a fundamental aspect of our lives that is easily taken for granted, yet its importance in our lives is undeniable. Urban Energy has been providing exceptional lighting solutions for many years are is always excited about starting a new project. Lighting provides visibility, safety, and a pleasant and inviting space. Did you also know that efficient and adequate lighting helps with our mood perceptions and overall well-being? Essentially lighting is not just about illumination, it's also about enhancing many aspects of our daily lives and activities.

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Commercial Lighting Installations

Our skilled technicians understand the importance of customised commercial lighting to enhance your business environment. Regardless of being a warehouse, factory, retail shop restaurant, or office, having the perfect lighting it crucial for the overall productivity and appearance of your business. This also includes lighting for indoor or outdoor commercial signage. At Urban Energy, we carefully take into consideration every facet of your business and design the most efficient, budget-friendly, and visually appealing LED lighting project tailored to your requirements.

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Residential Lighting Installations

Having appropriate lighting is not only important in a commercial setting but equally important for residential properties. We are instinctively drawn to lights, not only for the fact that without light we would be left in the dark, but also as lighting brings with it a wonderful appeal and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's to light up your yard, provide adequate light in your shed, or illuminate your home Urban Energy can design and install the perfect lighting solution for you. Our electricians primarily work with LED lights due to their versatility and the many advantages they offer.

Overall benefits of appropriate lighting

It's easy to underestimate the role lighting plays in our lives. One thing for certain is without lights we would still be using lanterns and candles. Appropriate lighting will not only enhance functionality in business, commercial situations, residential, or outdoors it will also contribute to your overall well-being, safety, and enjoyment of the space you are in. Several benefits include:

  • Enhances Comfort - creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere
  • Improved Safety - Well-lit areas reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and the potential for crimes to be committed
  • Visual Appeal - Lighting can highlight  architectural features of a room or building
  • Mood Enhancement -  Different levels of lighting can help your mood and atmosphere or a room, from cosy and  relaxed to vibrant and energetic
  • Productivity -  Adequate lighting in work areas is known to boost productivity and help with concentration, when reading, performing specific work tasks, or studying 
  • Health Benefits - Helps boost overall health and well-being, including sleep patterns, reduction of eye strain, and mood enhancer
  • Security - Helps deter burglars, uninvited guests, and intruders, and overall aids in crime prevention
  • Decor Highlighting - Showcase artwork, collectibles, artistic pieces or display and visual impact
  • Personalisation - Tailor and create lighting features that make a statement about your business or lifestyle

Lighting Replacement and Repairs

If your current lighting system is faulty and in need of repairs, or you feel it's time to upgrade to a more economical light option, look no further than Urban Energy. We can replace your current light bulbs with LEDs, or install ever-popular downlights to give your space a new look and provide energy-efficient lighting, and ensure your lighting is the perfect option for your needs.

Why use Urban Energy Electrical Solutions for your lighting projects?

Our certified electricians have extensive experience and a high appreciation for the world of lighting. They are dedicated to each lighting project at hand and aim to achieve flawless results. and 100% customer satisfaction. Our expertise lies in the design, installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance of all lighting for residential, commercial or community applications.


Your local lighting solution specialists

Our Urban Energy team of licensed electricians have years of experience in lighting solutions Providing installation, replacement, or repairs for residential or commercial lighting in South Brisbane, Logan, North Gold Coast, and Ipswich. To speak to one of our team call 0485 814 490 or complete our online enquiry form today to initiate a reply.

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