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Are You in Need of a Local Wynnum Electrician?

Urban Energy, your go-to team for all your electrical work in Wynnum, brings your home's electrical systems from the dark ages to the modern era. Although these systems bring convenience, they can also be one of the most hazardous parts of your home. As qualified electrical contractors, we offer comprehensive electrical services, including designing and installing complete electrical systems from scratch. This approach provides total freedom in designing your electrical system and ensures the highest safety standards are met.

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Lighting Solutions Wynnum

Lighting can be one of the most expensive parts of your electrical system between the cost of replacing light bulbs and keeping them powered they can quickly run up your power bills. Old halogen and fluorescent lighting have been severely outdated by modern LED lighting systems. LED lighting systems are the future, they use far less energy and last exponentially longer than halogen and fluorescent lights. Urban Energy Electrical Solutions offers all your lighting needs from indoor downlights to outdoor flood lighting and shed lighting systems we have a solution for you. As our team are licensed electrical contractors we can design a whole new circuit for your lighting giving you an unrivalled level of flexibility and freedom around how you want your lighting to look. we can take care of it all from installation, replacement, and repair our team can take care of it for you.

Local Electricians Wynnum

Appliance Installation Wynnum

Has your electric oven broken and you need the new one installed or are you renovating your kitchen and have a new induction stove you need installed? Urban Energy is your appliance installation specialist our team can take care of it all whether it's a simple replacement of an old appliance or a renovation requiring a whole new circuit our team are licensed and trained to do it all. One thing our team will also look out for when installing a new appliance is whether your switchboard can withstand the extra load it may exert. If it cannot keep up or is getting dated we can upgrade your existing switchboard to meet the new demands and ensure safety.

Switchboard Upgrades Wynnum

Have you recently renovated your home or is your current switchboard looking ratty or constantly tripping? It might be time to upgrade your switchboard. Switchboards are set up to meet the electrical load that your system at the time had, when you start adding more onto your electrical system this load increases and can compromise the safety and effectiveness of your switchboard. On top of this many older switchboards use asbestos backing plates that when damaged can become incredibly dangerous. As part of a switchboard upgrade our team will inspect your home or business's electrical needs and install a switchboard that will be able to handle your demands while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the circuit. Our team can also conduct safety switch testing and replacement if you have a switch that constantly triggers. On top of switchboard electricals, our team are also able to design and install a new electrical system for your shed or replace or rewire the old system to meet your needs.

Shed Electrical Services Wynnum

Have you had a new shed installed on your property and need an electrical system installed, or is the existing single socket no longer cutting it? At Urban Energy, our team specialise in all things shed electrical from lighting to new sockets our team can do it all. We will work with you to design an electrical system to meet your needs, our team can offer the following:

  • Shed Appliances Installation
  • Shed Rewiring
  • Power Points Installation and Replacement
  • Smoke Alarms Installations
  • New Electrical Installations
  • And More

Our team will make your shed dreams a reality. 

Shed Lighting Wynnum

Smoke Alarm Services Wynnum

Smoke alarms are an integral part of your home not only are they legally required in all homes and businesses in Australia but they save lives. Smoke alarm installation has multiple components that need to be taken into consideration including their placement, type and number needed. Modern fire alarms can either be hardwired or battery powered but both types must be interconnected and replaced every 10 years in Queensland. Hardwired smoke alarms use your home's main power as well as a backup battery for when the power goes out. Hardwired smoke alarms must only be installed by a licensed electrician as it is illegal in Australia for anyone other than a licensed electrician to conduct electrical work. Another backbone of ensuring your home is safe is regular electrical inspections.

Electrical Inspections Wynnum

Electrical inspections ensure your electrical system is both safe and running efficiently. As part of an electrical inspection, our team will do the following:

  • Test all power points
  • Test electrical appliances hardwired in
  • Test each circuit at the switchboard
  • Test all the safety switches on the switchboard

An electrical inspection will ensure that your systems are running as they should be and ensure that they meet building standards.

Commercial Electricians Wynnum

Our team are your go-to licensed local electrician for all your commercial electrical needs. Whether it's an industrial shed or an office fit our electrical contractors can take care of it all. We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services including:

  • Commercial Electrical Inspections
  • Commercial Shed Electrical fit-outs
  • Power Point Installation
  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance and Testing
  • Electrical System Repairs
  • and More

Our team can take care of it all let us get your business’s electricals working efficiently and save you money on your electricity bills.

Urban Energy is your go-to team of electricians in Wynnum with extensive experience and training we have a solution for you. Dont wait contact our team today.

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